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Work packages

WP 1 Project Management & Coordination
    • Preparation Activities
    • Verification of expenditures
    • Financial and Technical reports
    • Project management
WP 2 Communication & Dissemination
    • Printed & electronic material
    • Project dissemination conferences
    • Organization of / Participation at the event for best CBC Practices in Waste Management
    • Dissemination – Communication strategy
    • Official website & Social media
WP 3 Preparation actions for effective waste management
    • Evaluation of composting indicators
    • Study for utilization of the organic waste from wineries in Vardar planing region
    • Assessment of the market entry points for composting end products
    • Study for improvement of the organic waste collection in Municiaplity of Prilep and surrounding municipalities
    • Seminars for bio-wastes treatment and separation at source
    • Educational material for seminars on bio-wastes
WP 4 Waste management actions
    • Recyclable Waste collection vehicle
    • Equipment for treatment of solid waste
    • Remediation of the waste water station in Sveti Nikole
    • Pilot composting plants and bio-wastes collection system