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The project

The Eastern part of the cross-border region is characterized by high degree of urbanization and with numerous protected areas. The Project aims to create a concept instantly embeded in urban development that supports ecosystems in and around urban areas, serving as major support of biodiversity in protected areas. Project idea to protect biodiversity through common measures in urban and suburban areas. For the local people the importance of developing tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure must done in a way most compatible with eco-systems. This requires a common mechanism for coordination and planning at regional level, to cover all the institutions and representatives of civil society in the process of urban development led by the idea of biodiversity conservation. The general problem whose solution will be indicated by the realization of the project is -How the region can achieve development of economic potential while maintaining and even improving the ecosystems?

Expected Outputs:

All project activities are creating specific outcomes that serve to achieve the objectives of the project. Outputs will be reached within a logical sequence as a part of them will be basis for the creation of others. For example – the Study of the possibilities for green landscape use of the semi-urban and sub-urban territories, as well as parallel Research on the practices of agriculture, transportation and toursim will be the basis for Development and adoption of Joint strategy for Sustainable Development of the Region. In turn, this Strategy will not just be a strategic document which remain only on paper, and will lead to a development of  3 common-green initiatives in line with it. Furthermore,these activities will serve to promote the approach and to its  better understanding by conducting training at the territory of each partner of target groups– 2 seminars for young people, LAG’s members, NGO’s and stake holders and 2 Trainings of competent authorities on green management.

Within the implementation of pilot demonstration activities will be created green areas in urban and suburban areas that provide an environment combining biodiversity and recreational areas. It will be delivered 60 bicycles and 12 electric bicycle with two PV charging, to help reduce carbon emissions from transport in urban environments. Set total number of 300 signs and 200 signs will inform not only for the project but also for various protected species in the region, interesting landmarks and ways of eco-friendly transport. The key 3 outputs that will directly lead to the achievement of the project objective are – the Joint-Strategy adopted, the 3 Green Initiatives based on it and the Demonstration Green Measures. All of them will also be in favour of the Preserving And Protecting The Environment And Promoting Resource Efficiency and in line with SO 5: To enhance the effectiveness of biodiversity protection activities.

Expected Results:

The Programme-specific result indicators that is relevant to the project is – “% of Natura areas reporting excellent or good degree of conservation” and the achievement of growth of 54% to 60% in 2018 to 2020 -2023 to be measured. As main indicative activities contributing to such positive change is outlined – “Development of joint strategies & procedures (and pilot applications of such) for sustainable management of resources, for the development of green infrastructure, for biodiversity protection, for landscape management and for the establishment of green corridors “. The main result of the project lies precisely in the creation of  Joint strategy for sustainable management of resources, the development of green infrastructure, for biodiversity protection and 3 pilot initiatives for implementation. Furthermore, the pilot applications of green measures will clearly demonstrate the appoach and will directly support the better conservation status of the Natura areas in the region.

Project result – Joint strategy will serve as a common mechanism for coordination and planning of future actions of those involved in spatial and economic planning autorities in the region. The project also indirectly through trainings to members of the target groups through the information campaign will lead to positive change of attitudes towards biodiversity conservation. Demonstration measures establishing green infrastructure and sustainable transport are directly aimed at improving the ecological status of the area. The project will delivered 3 distinctive results that are clearly in line with the specific objective of the Program – Joint Strategy, Pilot Green investment measures, 3 common green initiatives for the future development of the region.

The Project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” Cooperation Programme

This website has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of the website are the sole responsibility of the project partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the participating countries, the Managing Autority and the Joint Secretatiat.

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