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Expected results

The main results of the project will be:

  • Deviation of a significant percentage of biowastes, which is the larger part of municipal solid wastes and the more difficult to handle, from land filling, contributing thus to the targets of EU landfill Directive (1999/31/EC).
  • Production of compost, which is a material rich in nutrients and organics, and can be used in agriculture so as to contribute to substitution of commercial inorganic fertilizers, enrichment of soil with organic substances and increase the water holding capacity of soil.
  • Reduction of the volume and of the resources spent for management of the commingled municipal solid wastes, through the separation of biological wastes.
  • Contribution in sustainable economic development of the area through the green investments, funded by the project.
  • Effective wastewater treatment and collection and management  of  solid wastes for protection of the water resources, environment and public health.
  • Promotion and wider acceptance of methods for treating wastes with innovative character for the area, as is biological wastes  composting.
  • Enhanced transnational cooperation and  know‐how and experiences’ sharing between the people and authorities of the area.
  • Enhanced awareness of local people for the environmentally proper waste management.

The results foreseen contribute in improved living standards  and environmental conditions,  a better use of natural resources, increased attractiveness of the area for visitors and improved employment opportunities in environmental and touristic services, according to programme’ s strategy. The population of Thermaikos, Halkidona, Prilep, Veles and Sveti Nikole will be served by improved waste management or recycling.